Class Descriptions


Yoga helps us keep our bodies healthy and age gracefully. This class will focus on postures built from the ground up, with special attention to the feet, so we can maintain balance and keep our joints flexible. All ages and levels are welcome in this practice of both stretching and strengthening.  Suitable for beginners but to develop strength; not necessarily a gentle class.


Whether you are young or old, fit or not, yoga has the power to calm the mind and strengthen the body. In this class, you will move slowly through the basic yoga poses, aligning the breath as you move, and modifying or intensifying the poses as you desire.   These poses are building blocks to help you create your own yoga practice.  


This fun-filled power hour of indoor cycling  to music is guaranteed to get your heart rate challenged and your glutes in shape. All levels of fitness abilities can thrive as you set the pace to accomplish your personal best.


Join Cara for this high-energy workout incorporating the best of cardio and strength training. A full-throttle cycle ride combined with boot camp strength work will leave you feeling fit and powerful!


This workout is a series of movements that strengthen the entire body, ensuring that no muscle is overlooked. With a combination of functional strength, dance, Pilates and yoga, we will use body weight as a resistance to focus on alignment and optimal posture.


Aston® Kinetics is for anyone who wants to feel better in their body and in life.        A unique fitness form, Aston Kinetics exercises are designed to release areas of held tension, improve postural alignment, and promote even muscle tone throughout your body. Classes begin using your own body weight while standing, then progress to applying Aston movement principles to stretch bands, weights, and floor exercises to strengthen, stretch and dimensionally tone your body in length. Learn to coordinate whole body movements to work with the forces of gravity and move through your day with more awareness, energy and ease.  In addition to getting more benefit from your workout, you will learn how to apply this new way of moving to walking and everyday activities for increased overall fitness and sustained comfort. Wear clothing that is comfortable to move in while sitting, standing and lying on the floor. Please bring a bath towel and yoga mat to class. For more information contact  


This one hour class consists of drill-oriented cardio exercises, interval training, core strength, weights, and balance. A total body workout with the focus on maximum cardio benefit.


Work all major muscle groups using a variety of strengthening equipment and your own body! This class is designed to build strength, increase bone density, build lean muscle while toning and shaping your body.


This class combines dynamic warm-ups, body weight exercises, basic weight training, interspersed with cardio activities in a group setting,


This 60 minute class consists of flowing yoga sequences that create a high-energy workout designed to improve your physical and mental health. 



If you feel stiff and old (or even stiff and young!) this class is for you! No fancy yoga clothes required. Class is an hour long and Kelly will offer  variations on each yoga pose so that you can find the one that works best for your body. Bring your own mat, two blocks and a strap, or use the equipment provided by the rec center.  This is not necessarily a gentle yoga practice, but can be very gentle if that is what you need- Kelly encourages everyone to make modifications when needed, or go further if the energy and flexibility allows.  You will get used to the yoga poses each week and will be able to see your progress in your strength and flexibility. Kelly will lead you through yoga poses that encourage balance, strength and lots of stretching and deep breathing to get those stiff muscles relaxed! This class is for men and women and anyone who wants more movement in their lives. All are welcome!


The Stretch and Arthritis class is a low-impact exercise program from the Arthritis Foundation Exercise Program (AFEP).  The objectives of this class focus on improving functional ability, mobility, muscle strength and coordination. The class aims to reduce fatigue, pain and stiffness associated with arthritis. Key activities include multiple exercise activities such as warm-up, range of motion/stretching, strengthening, cardiovascular endurance, and cool down. Balance and coordination activities are included.


Classical Pilates with small hand weights to sculpt upper body and lower body, as well as abs, finishing with deep stretch.


Need a good workout but have a baby and no childcare? No problem! Bring your baby with you! This is a total body workout with cardio, strength training and stretching. We’ll mix up the workout each week to keep it challenging and fun. The class will take place in the Hunt Gym. Bring a water bottle for yourself and a stroller for your baby along with diapers, snacks, toys, etc.


Yoga can help new parents with their physical and mental well-being: physically, the body needs care for recovery and  Yoga is an ideal, gentle way to begin physical activity after birth. Mentally, new parents face challenges that can be better managed with the tools of yoga. This will be a safe and supporting space for all parents. Pre crawling babies welcome!

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Did you know that a chair is a yoga prop, and you can even practice all yoga poses seated on a chair? This accessible class will allow you to practice in a safe way, completely focused on your well being.


 In this class we'll explore asanas and how to gently and mindfully go from one position to another. We'll also practice pranayama (breathing practices), relaxation and meditation. Open to all bodies and levels of experience. The instructor will provide several options to meet you where you are.


Multiple studies have demonstrated that yoga can improve the quality of life for people living with Alzheimer. Yoga is not only movement of the body, but training for the brain. It helps with memory and focus, it teaches how to be in the present moment, improves the overall well being, reduces anxiety and depression. Class is open also to caregivers.