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Ready, Set, Le-go!

If you love building with Legos, this is the class for you! Each week you will be challenged to create a sensational Lego scene. Each challenge is a mystery that your teacher will reveal – A helicopter rescue scene? A space shuttle launch site? Lego Godzilla attacking a city?? Best be ready for anything! Then it’s off to the races as you and a partner have limited time to create your scene and present it to the class. Presentation skills will be key as you try to persuade your classmates that your Lego creation is #1. Our Right Brain Curriculum Instructors will help you use persuasive language, eye contact and proper posture for perfected presentations. Legos and Public Speaking, now that’s a match!

Thursdays 3:30-5:00pm 11/03/22-12/15/22* no class 11/10, 11/24 1-5 $150 Willard Elementary School